GatorTar Alligator Guitar
Alligator art guitars from Louisiana

PRODUCTS    FAQ    (Frequent Asked Questions)

How much?
Prices begin at $600 for a telecaster clone style GatorTar.

How good are they?
The least expensive GatorTar have body parts that are compatible to the hardware found on Squire Guitars.

Are they ready to play?
Yes and no. All guitars that leave our shop are playable. They turn on, all the parts work, and they have no fret wear. However most purchasers who plan to play the GatorTar a lot will personally set up their GatorTar or by use the services of a guitar tech.

What is does "set up" mean.
There are several adjustments that can be made on electric guitars. These may include installing strings that are favored by the player, and adjusting the height of the string.

Do you have any in stock ready to ship?
We try to keep a few guitars in stock at all times.

Do you guarantee the guitars.
We will refund the purchase price, less the shipping charge; this offer expires two weeks after you receive the guitar. Purchasers should notify us that there is a problem before shipping the GatorTar back. All guitars come with a statement of authenticity.

Will I need a custom GatorTar case?
No, usually a case that fits the version of guitar we are using as a base, will work; i.e. if the GatorTar model you purchase is based on a Strat then a Strat case should work.

Can you "gatorize" my guitar if I send it to you?
Yes, the fee starts at about $350 plus shipping. The guitar will be shipped back in about two weeks after it arrives at our studio. Call us before shipping any guitars. If you send us a guitar, do not take the strings off, and expect the strings to need replacing upon the guitar's return.


All guitars are one of a kind, gig worthy works of art from the studio of John Preble, Abita Springs, Louisiana.